Fat Dissolving Therapy

I am one of the few clinicians registered in the use of deoxycholic acid (the natural substance made in your gallbladder), trade-named ‘Aqualyx’. This substance normally acts everyday to break-down fat within the digestive system. It works in the same manner when when injected into areas of fat beneath the skin. There are no added unnatural chemical elements.

Aqualyx represents the Gold Standard of non-surgical treatment of fat reduction. Multicentre clinical trials over Europe have proven results equivalent to liposuction. 

Aqualyx is administered by shallow injection under the skin, liquefying the fat cells within a few minutes and then eliminated naturally through the urine. Unless there is an allergy, the area is numbed first and the Aqualyx is mixed with a local-anaesthetic to reduce discomfort.


Please see first treatment pricing below:

aqua 6


Larger pockets (areas) of stubborn fat require more treatments. Each subsequent treatment is £250.

The treatment for submental fat (double chin) is usually only required once or twice (roughly 20% once, 80% twice). Adjunctive jawline filler and/or botulinum toxin to the neck area (a neck lift) helps to tighten the area even more always produces the best result.

Other areas, such as arms, waists, stomachs, thighs and buttocks may need more treatment- as there is simply more fat in these locations. Each injection session carries the same reduction in fat – most visibly notable from the second treatment. The injections can be repeated roughly every four weeks.

After each treatment patients are to expect a small degree of swelling as the dense fat turns into less dense (and more voluminous liquid), and a light redness of the skin, which will subside after about seven days.