Why choose me?

You will only be consulted and treated by me, a Doctor with years of experience. Though I educate and train others, my clinic is run solely by myself and an administrative team.

I hold the highest rated degrees in both Medicine & Surgery, and a separate 1st Class Degree in Anatomy. I have years of experience dealing with Head and Neck Surgery (Neurosurgery – ‘Brain Surgery’), so my knowledge of the intricate structures of the face is second-to-none.

Due to my experience, I am fully capable of dealing with any patient who presents to my clinic – everyone’s anatomy is slightly different and I wouldn’t be comfortable with an ‘injector’ who’s training is simply a 2 day course. My experience spans over a decade of studying human anatomy, post mortem dissection, intra-operative exploration of the muscles, veins and nerves and then specialist training in aesthetics by other professionals and a consultant plastic surgeon.

The various pictures or media seen on others’ pages only highlight their successes – not their failures, complications or catastrophe’s.

Almost anything! I can reshape, restructure, rejuvenate. I can make you look and feel beautiful outside and in. My patients are always in awe of the changes I help them make.

Minor differences are what makes us truly beautiful – I aim to accentuate your natural beauty, I can achieve a subtle and timeless look, or a striking appearance – and I’m very, very good at it.

I can reduce or remove the lines on your forehead, between the eyes or the crows feet.

I can lift the lateral (side) or mediolateral (side to middle) eyebrows.

I can vastly improve skin tone, quality & texture, removing acne.

I can fill the bags under the eyes to give a “less tired” look, with a more even tone.

I can straighten, unhook or lift the nose.

I can fill the cheekbones to give them volume or contour.

I can remove the ‘bunny lines’ over the nose.

I can reduce or remove a gummy smile.

I can turn a downwards smile upwards.

I can shape, define, volumise and contour your lips to any style.

I can reduce or remove ‘smokers lines’ around the mouth.

I can reduce or remove the lines that appear between the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds).

I can reduce or remove the lines that fall from the corners of the mouth toward the chin (marionette lines).

I can strengthen a jawline.

I can define a chin – to a feminine tip, or a masculine square.

I can remove or reduce the lines on the neck.

I can perform a non-surgical ‘neck lift’, reducing the appearance of jowls and strengthening the aesthetic of the jawline

I can rejuvenate the skin on the hands to make them appear younger.

Overall, I can bring balance and harmony to your facial profile to enhance your natural beauty beyond what you thought possible – 9 times out of 10 my clients say “oh my god” and have a grin so wide they can’t stop smiling at what they’re seeing in the mirror. It really brings me so much joy to see people so happy.

Speak to me, I use tools to measure angles of faces, experience in the results certain treatments offer – I always listen to the patient, and work with them – however sometimes their idea is treated with a different modality than they expect.

I can always enhance anyone’s beauty.

You’ll either be booked in to see me face-to-face at one of my clinics or will be contacting me directly.

Messages will be relayed by my admin team directly to me – only I will be replying or giving advice.

Please understand I have a high workload within the National Health Service – lifesaving procedures take a priority and sometimes emails will take more than a day to be responded to.

I will explain in detail the procedures and the reasoning behind them – for example, administering dermal filler close to the periosteum (bone cover) of the zygoma (cheek bone) will pull the surrounding tissues upwards and outwards – done correctly, this can remove jowls, acting as a ‘face-lift’. This procedure also provides some lateral tension, and therefore will reduce the naso-labial folds – therefore I often advise this as the first procedure to be done, if the objective is anti-ageing / reversal of age.

There are many similar principles that are too complex to explain here – but they will be explained in the consultation.


I do not treat what I believe will not work. I never will. I take great pride in what I do, and making people feel more confident in themselves. Sometimes, unfortunately, certain treatments requested may not work – or there may be a contraindication, however as I cover all aspects of aesthetic medicine, there are always alternatives that I can offer.

This is completely normal, especially for the first time. People fear they’re going to look too plastic, the results too drastic, or other publicised monstrosities. That will never and has never happened. I work to make you look natural and enhance your natural beauty. My first consultations with new patients almost always last longer than the treatment sessions, explaining in detail what we will do. You may chose to cancel or abandon the procedure(s) at any point.

I use very high strength anaesthetic creams to make the injections almost painless – I also use ultra fine needles – barely visible to the eye one meter away. I’m confidently quick – I spend time evaluating and measuring, the injections may take as little as 30 seconds to 2 minutes. “Measure twice, cut once.”

I have medication to calm the nerves and medication to reduce pain. I use these in less than 1% of patients.

I’m insured by the biggest comprehensive medical insurance company in the UK for all of the procedures I do.

Plenty! If you see an advertisement somewhere you’ll know. Group discounts are at my discretion, however is almost always the case.

If you don’t want to – not at all. My expertise is in providing subtle yet stunning changes.

I don’t treat people to unrealistic or unnatural proportions – you will simply look amazing, refreshed, younger, glowing, rested.

People will notice – they’ll notice that you look amazing – often asking “what cream did you use”, “have you been on a diet”, “you look so healthy now!”

Yes – you’ll know if you have been referred by one of my partnering salons, clinics or advertisement in magazines.

Plenty! Vitamin injections, hair regrowth stimulation, vampire facials, medical reviews, medical advice… ask me, I’d love to help.