Dermal fillers are used to rejuvenate or restructure the face. They can reverse the effect of ageing dramatically, or improve intrinsic beauty beyond expectation.

My expertise is in evaluating what treatment is best suited to each individual and providing that aesthetic change. I will guide you through what we both agree to be suitable to your needs.

I can provide subtle changes, results will always appear natural, yet visually stunning.

All procedures and aftercare is carried out by myself.

Dermal filler prices:

£200/mL thereafter


  • Tear trough filler (1mL)
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty: nose straightening, nose tip lifting and reshaping (1mL)
  • Cheekbone contouring, accentuation or volumisation (1-2mL)
  • Reduction or removal of lines running from the nose to the mouth (1-2mL)
  • Reduction or removal of lines running from the mouth to the chin (1-2mL)
  • Jawline & chin reshaping (3-4mL)
  • Lip Augmentation (0.5 – 1mL – £195 0.5mL)

Contrary to long-held beliefs, beauty is accessible to anyone. Enhancing your beauty, significantly, is possible.

My consistent patient feedback is that their treatment and results have made them happier than what they believed possible. Please read my testimonials.

I will provide a comprehensive explanation of treatments and photos of the changes I expect in each individual at consultation.

Not every person carrying out these procedures is the same, consider the analogy of a cheap haircut – you get what you pay for. Most training courses are 2 days and permit the trainee the ability to carry out these procedures. After 15+years of advanced training, thousands of patients, courses, operations, exams, interviews, I can finally call myself an expert. Please do not be persuaded by a cheaper price – social media images will only show the successes, not the failures. If a technician achieves a 20% success result, they will share those 20% on social media channels. All my patients return to my clinic.