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Dr. Thomas Kenney MBChB (Hons) BSc 1st Class Anatomy (Hons)
Internationally recognised in advanced medical aesthetics, providing complete facial rejuvenation and profile restructuring: making beauty accessible to anyone

Individualised Advanced Aesthetic Medicine

What I Do

Dr Tom Keeney
Dr Tom Kenney

Dr. Thomas Kenney

MBChB (Hons) BSc Anatomy 1st Class (Hons)

Nearly a decade ago I qualified top of my class in Medicine and Surgery with Honours. I have a subsequent 1st Class Degree in Anatomy with Honours. I have spent many years working in Neurosurgery and other surgical fields, alongside medical aesthetics.

I started practicing medical aesthetics 5 years ago and get a real sense of joy and reward making people look and feel better about themselves.

I take a great deal of pride in my work. My qualifications and reviews speak for themselves.

I’m described by all of my patients as calming, easy to talk to and exceptional at what I do.

Book in for a consultation and we can make a plan on making you look and feel your best.

Before and After

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Botox Botox-After

What People Say

“Dr Tom has now done my botox and my cheeks. I am over the moon with the treatments. He is so professional, really explains everything in detail and makes you feel completely comfortable. I now wouldn’t go anywhere else. I would Highly recommend his service to anyone thinking about procedures.”
“I’ve had a few cosmetic treatments , and I can confirm that visiting Dr Tom has absolutely been my favourite experience and best results. I got Botox done in my forehead, and he took the time to map out based on my facial movements to stop it looking fake or frozen. The result was amazing and super natural.
"I saw Dr Tom in September for my second botox treatment - 3 areas - I still cannot believe how good I felt afterwards - I kept movement in my face but all my wrinkles were gone, and my skin was clearer too. He’s professional, extremely thorough and knowledgeable - he used to operate on peoples brains! I recommend him highly.